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Enriched Air NITROX Diver

Course Description: 

The most popular specialty course. Learn to maximize your bottom time and reduce your surface interval by utilizing Enriched Air Nitrox as your breathing gas.


Minimum Age: 12
Current Certification Level: Open Water Diver
Minimum Logged Dives: 0

Training Materials Included: 

Enriched Air Diver Manual additional cost

Equipment Provided: 

Oxygen Analyzer

Equipment Required: 


Pool Training Sessions: 


Classroom Training Sessions: 

4 hours

Openwater Training Sessions: 

Optional* - $50 per dive
* This dive will count towards PADI Advanced Open Water Certification

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Whats next: 

Learn how to mix different nitrox blends with the DSAT Gas Blender course.  Email us today for details.

How to get started: 

After paying online, your spot will be reserved and we will follow up with you on the next step and any reading that might be required before the night of class.

Avaliable Training Classes

Please select a set of class times for your class, the click Add to Cart.

Enriched Air NITROX Diver - April 2013
13 slots available

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