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Gear Officer

Gear Officer Procedures

Gear Sign-out
1)      Only allow one renter in the cage per Gear Officer on duty!
2)      Ensure that renter is a club member (SCVT Card or Application in filing cabinet) and that the renter has a Certification Card present.
3)      Make sure that a $500 deposit check has been placed in the cash box or that the renter is on the “Deposit Paid” list.
4)      If the renter pays the $500 deposit, be sure to write the renter’s name on the “Deposit Paid” list.
5)      Do not rent out gear being used for a class (see “Gear Out” dry erase board).
6)      Write down everything that the member takes (including amount of weight).  Be specific (i.e. not 2 tanks, but tanks 32,33).
7)      Make sure everything on the rental agreement is filled out and signed properly.  Make sure the renter initials and the signs back.
8)      Once everything has been filled out, you must sign and date the checkout section.
9)      Note on the form whether the renter paid by cash or check.  If by check, note the check number.
10)   Follow the “Steps for Money Transaction” sheet when dealing with payment (both for gear and the deposit)
11)   Hand out one packet of “Sink the Stink” for each wetsuit rented (yellow packets in an old mask box in the metal closet)
12)   Fill out the renter’s name and gear rented (be specific) on the “Gear Out” dry erase board.
13)   Put the completed rental form in the “Gear Out” folder in the filing cabinet.

Gear Sign-in

1)       Is the gear clean and the BC’s empty?  Did the renter return the right amount of weight?
2)       If the gear is not clean, send the renter to the locker room with one of the green bins and the “Sink the Stink” packet they were sent out with.
3)       Is gear in on time?  If not, bill the renter for the overdue time.
4)       If gear is broken, damaged, etc., report it immediately.  Let the renter know there is a problem.
5)       If there is gear trouble which is not the renter’s fault (i.e. faulty depth gauge, leaky valve etc), red tag it and place in a bin under the chalk board (red tags are in the metal cabinet).
6)       Sign and date the checkin section on the renter’s rental form (found in the “Gear Out” folder) and place the form in the “Gear Returned – Verified” folder in the filing cabinet.
7)       Remove the info from the “Gear Out” dry erase board.

Membership Applications

1)      Ensure that the new member is a certified diver (NAUI, PADI, or other recognized agency).
2)      Dues are $20 per semester (Aug – Dec or Jan – Aug) and $35 per year (Aug – Aug).
3)      Ensure that every line is filled out on the “Membership Application” form and signed as necessary.
4)      Place application in “02-03 Membership Applications – Not Processed” folder in filing cabinet.
5)      Follow the “Steps for Money Transaction” sheet when dealing with membership dues.
6)      Remind member that upon renting equipment for the first time in a semester that a $500 deposit check must be placed in the cash box.  These will be torn up at the end of the fall and summer.

Class Applications
1)      If the student is signing up for a class above Open Water, they must be a member.
2)      Have class participant fill out everything on the “Class Application” (ensure legibility).
3)      Obtain either a full payment or a $50 deposit.
4)      Fill in the box at the bottom right of the form regarding the payment.
5)      Fill in the class name and dates on the form (see calendar).
6)      Follow the “Steps for Money Transaction” sheet when dealing with class payment.
7)      Place the completed “Class application” form in the appropriate folder (i.e. OW-B, AOW, etc.).
8)      Write participant’s info on the class list in the front of the folder.
9)      Email secretary ( and instructor ( of any changes to the list.
10)   Do not hand out books unless told otherwise by the instructor.

NOTE:  You are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED NOT to sign out/in gear for your own personal use.  If you do, be sure to place the signed-in rental form in the “Gear Returned – Not Verified” folder in the filing cabinet for another GO/Officer to verify.


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