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Dive Director

Dive Director Procedures

Beginning of the semester:

  1. Double check pool times for classes.  Ensure rates are for Non-profit, registered student organizations ($15/hr).
  2. Make room requests for classes through HokieSpa.
  3. Make room request for meetings (Derring 3083?)
  4. Set up class folders, including master class list.
  5. Set up classes on the computer.
  6. Set gear officer calendar.
  7. Train new gear officers.
  8. Set up compressor training session.
  9. Give RecSports a copy of those allowed to receive the Scuba Room Key.
  10. Place a copy of the Gear officer schedule, with contact information in the Bulletin Board.

Middle of the semester (End of October, Middle of March):

  1. Create calendar of classes for summer and fall.
  2. Book pool times with Sam Van Curen: ​125E War Memorial Hall,
  3. Book room for Info session (through Event Planning office, Squires Student Center).

Through out the semester:

  1. Update class lists in the computer.
  2. Check for equipment in need of repairs/maintenance.
  3. Make sure that all gear is accounted for.
  4. Bi-Weekly inventory (may be overseen… ie have a GO complete)


  1. check for out of Viz or Hydro tanks.
  2. check for regulators in need of their yearly service.
  3. Maintain records of everything… in the inventory, and in the service folder!
  4. Make sure gear numbers are not wearing off.
Officer Position: 

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